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Advisory Call

“Is my brand ready to raise investment capital ?”  “What is the best way to approach investors ?” Who invests in Fashion and consumer goods brands ?  “Should I focus my efforts on eCommerce or retail ?” Are my branding and/or social media efforts in line with my market?'”


“If I could just sit down and talk with someone in the industry.” As an entrepreneur in the fashion and consumer goods space you’ve probably said these words before. There were many times as an entrepreneur when a simple conversation with the right person was able to save me countless hours and dollars.  I didn’t always like what I heard but I knew I was being told from someone who had the experience I did not.  Truth be told, there were many times I did not follow the advice because well, I’m an entrepreneur, and most entrepreneurs are stubborn.  More times than not the expert was right and I learned my lesson.

Maybe you are very early stage, maybe you lack knowledge in one particular area, or maybe your brand is struggling with multiple challenges.  That’s what the $299 call whas created for.  Its a serious no nonsense one hour Zoom call with myself (or another advisor, depending on your needs) to discuss one or all of those questions and/or challenges your brand has been struggling with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why $299

Its simple. At GBA we take our advisory services very seriously. We expect the same from you with respect to your business. We needed to set a price that will encourage only those companies or entrepreneurs very serious about growing their brands to pay while simultaneously be respectful the cash limitations of many small brands.

Who is this for?

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What should I expect from the call?

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If you are interested in scheduling a 1 Hour Zoom Call please fill the form out below. You will be emailed a questionnaire and outline to complete and determine whether the process is right for your business. Typically you will need to schedule two weeks out.

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