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Chances are if you have an ecommerce site its has been built on one of a small handful of platforms, the two most popular being Shopify and WordPress.  GBA are experts in WordPress with years of experience.  Additionally, we work directly with a team at Shopify to make sure all our designs work flawlessly on the platform.  Whether your sites needs just a touch up or you want a new site from the ground up, we can make it happen.  Our process always starts with a site architecture that is signed off on by the client.  We then move into the development stage and finally the testing stage.

Step 1
Architect Your Site

How often have you heard “it all starts with a plan“.  Nothing could be more true when it come to an effective e-commerce web site. It needs to be engaging, have a smart well though out interface design, operate correctly over multiple platforms, all while being seamless to the user.  At GBA nothing gets created without your brand and GBA having a site architecture and plan of action.

Step 2
Develop Your Site

This is where all the hard work from Step 1 starts to take shape.  Copy, photographs, icons and video all start to come together and bring life to your site.  Along with the build we always spend time making sure you understand how to navigate your admin panel so you feel confident as a brand making your own updates.

Step 3
Test Your Site

The final stage is testing your site for interface, functionality, SEO, payment gateways, etc to make sure the final user experience is as flawless as possible.  You need to be confident that your customer is able to efficiently navigate your site whether they are using a mobile device, tablet or desktop. We also offer maintenance plans that will help keep your site running optimally year after year.

Ready To Get Started?

Our design solutions are always mobile ready and our focus is making sure your user has a seamless site experience from page one through the entire checkout process.  Contact us today and lets get moving on creating a results oriented e-commerce web site.  Remember GBA is about building your brand.

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