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Commercial Brand Videos

Videos are your most powerful marketing and conversion tool

Does It Really Work?

The facts speak for themselves. The graphic on the right is just a small sampling of the available data showing the positive impact of video content.  A well structured video campaign should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts both on your eCommerce site as well as your social media platforms.  The question you should be asking yourself is not “does it work” but rather “how can I make it work for my brand.”

Types of Videos?

When it comes to ecommerce and brand marketing there are several choices for videos.  Each type has its own objective and should be developed accordingly.  Here are your main types;

Snippet Videos
This is the name we give to very short videos that can become part of your social media efforts (ex. TikTok) .  If you strike gold this is the type of video that would become “viral”.  The audience for this type of video is typically willing to forgive a lack of professional structure to the video primarily because they are typically shot using a cell phone.  Depending on who your market is, not all brands would have use for this type of video.  Sometimes the brand has nothing to do with the video but benefits tremendously off of it. A prime example of this is the guy skateboarding while drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.  The good news is this type of video can launch a brand into the mainstream overnight.  The bad news is that typically it is very difficult to create a viral video.  Although many have tried and lots have succeeded more times than not the most successful of these videos is more a result of luck or happenstance.  However the cost to produce is also very low so there is not a lot of downside to trying.

Today’s video production equipment is inexpensive enough that even a hobbyist can shoot powerful and impactful video. However if not done right a video can also quickly make your brand look unprofessional and second rate.  Make the right choice and set up an initial plan of action.  Use storyboards to get a good idea of your shots long before shooting even one frame of video.

Commercial/Advertising Video
This is the typical video you would see as a 30 second television spot. However television is no longer the only medium to available for this type of video.  YouTube, Vimeo and most of the social media platforms could also serve as distribution options.  Because of this, the one time industry standard of 30 seconds really no longer exists.  Unless your commercial will be seen on broadcast television, your brand can take some creative liberties in how short or long you want your final piece to be.  All this being said it is important that both the sound and video of your piece be up to at least some minimal professional standards.  Many brands today are using a “cell phone video” or “amateur ” look to their commercials but you can guarantee that a lot of time and pre-planning went into developing the content.  The good news for this type of video is that it can be funny, serious, heartwarming, action packed or a mixture these.  Its all getting the viewer to see your product and either want to buy or at least take the nest steps and go to your website.

Product Video
Compared to the commercial video, this type of video has less creativity to it. This video is all about showing the product.  It allows the viewer to see your product up close and personal. It may involve showing someone using your product but it could just as easily be nothing but your product.  The background and look of this type of video is extremely important as a busy, messy or ugly background can all serve to distract from the product.  Sometimes a simple white background may be your best choice.  Correct lighting places a crucial role in creating a successful product video.

Storytelling Video
This video revolves more around a the story behind the brand rather than the product itself.  It is typically shot in a documentary style but it also needs a creative touch so that it does not loose the viewer.  Running times are really irrelevant in these as you are more concerned with telling a story than remaining within a certain amount of seconds or minutes.  An example of this type of video would be discussing a life experience or cause that drove the founder to start the brand.  Although under no time restraints, it is important not to make these video so long that they loose the viewer.  With today’s ADD society, the quicker you can make your point the better your viewer engagement will be.

Customer Generated Engagement Video
The look and content of this type of video is generally out of the hands of the brand but we are mentioning it here because they are still a great way for your brand to “engage” your customers.  These videos (and maybe more commonly photos) are shot by your customer and are simply nothing more than your customer wearing/using and enjoying your product.  These videos/photos are very beneficial if your brand has an ambassador program but even if it doesn’t, these can help your brand show a sense of community.

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