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Brand Analysis

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Building a Roadmap to Success

Developing a Sound Strategy through Focused Analysis

Brand Identity

Does your brand have a clear identity?  Can your customers echo this identity? Are your marketing efforts consistent with this identity?  What is your brand’s identity saying and does it resonate with your customer? Lets take a look and make sure your identity and message are hitting home with your customer base.

Identifying Your Actual Customer

Sounds simple right?  Of course you know your customer.  Yet so often a brand’s answer to this question is who they “think” their customer is and not who their brand’s customer “actually” is.  Once your customer is properly identified lets make sure your message is the correct one.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

What is your true cost of goods sold?  Can this be reduced?  Where are you manufacturing? Are their sourcing options that your brand might not be aware of?  GBA has some of the industry’s foremost sourcing experts who are ready to take an in-depth look at at your brands entire sourcing and manufacturing process.

Social Media Marketing

As a fashion or consumer goods brand, your social media message can make or break the brand.  Many brands have been successfully launched behind one single image, ad, or video that happens to go viral.  Yes, grass root campaigns can be successful however at some point money needs to be spent on your social media ads and efforts.  Don’t waste your brand’s dollars by not understanding how, when, and where to spend these dollars.

Web Development (e-Commerce)

As an e-commerce brand you are most likely using WordPress or Shopify.  With expert advisors for both of these platforms we can build your site from the ground up or simply make sure your current site is optimized and that you are maximizing revenue opportunities.  Think of what we do as a web site audit, looking to find inconsistencies in the your customers entire experience from page one through checkout.

Raising Investment Capital

Raising investment capital is a process.  Putting your company in the best position for success requires understanding what an effective investor pitch looks like.  Ask any company that has raised investment capital and they will tell you that “understanding the process” is half the battle.  Let us help you your brand to decide when, where, and how and who to approach in your investment journey.

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