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Erik D. Seel

Founding Partner

Erik D. Seel is the founding partner of Global Brand Advisors.  Erik’s career in both the creative industry and the fashion media/venture industry has given him a very rare perspective that has afforded him the ability to wear many hats when advising a company.


Erik was the co-founder of FashInvest, an event and media company focused on the investment sector of the fashion, fashion tech, and consumer goods industries.  During his time at FashInvest, Erik helped countless young startup companies to develop efficient and effective pitch decks to be presented to a room full of investors at one of many of the FashInvest events. FashInvest developed a name as a leader in the Industry and in 2017 was acquired by Women’s Wear Daily (Penske Media Corporation).


Over the years, FashInvest developed a relationship with Daymond John from the hit ABC Show Shark Tank.  This led to Erik becoming part of a small team that handled all the due-dilligence for those companies Daymond John agreed to invest in during the show.


Currently, aside from GBA Erik is also the Chairman of the Board for the Macy’s Philadlphia Fashion Incubator.  He has been part of the board for over five years and has helped the Incubator to amplify its mission of teaching fashion designers the business side of the industry.

Industry Advisors

Success relies on having a great team, all working towards a singular focused goal.  Global Brand Advisors is no different . We have advisors with expertise in many different verticals of the fashion and consumer goods industries.  We take pride in offering the right advisory and/or creative services for your brand. Early stage brands face very different challenges than later stage more established brands.  Understanding your brand, its customers, its market position and its goals are all part of our comprehensive approach towards providing your brand with what it needs when it needs it.


If your brand is an early stage or start-up, our experience and advisors can be invaluable in helping to prevent many of the common mistakes that can be fatal to a new brand or product.  We understand your financial constraints and we are focused on offering affordable solutions.


For those brands that are later stage, your needs are usually more focused and targeted. We are here for you as well.  Reach out to us to discuss your needs. If our services are not a fit for you we will not try to fit a square peg into a circle.

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