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What Does GBA Do?

GBA focuses its advisory services in two main areas. First, we offer due diligence for those investment firms that are looking at a brand in the fashion, fashion tech, or consumer good space.  We have analyzed many brands in the space and understand the intricacies and importance of proper due diligence prior to investment.
Second we offer advisory services to  start-up or later stage brands in the fashion, fashion tech, or consumer goods space.  Our services address but are not limited to brand analysis, sourcing, raising investment capital and e-Commerce web development.

Investor Due Dilligence

It goes without saying that prior to making an investment in a brand, due-diligence serves as the initial foray into gaining as much knowledge and data as possible in order to make an informed decision that brand or product. Let us help you in this endeavor. We have done it before and know how to do it effectively.

Brand Building

If you have a fashion or consumer goods brand, you are well aware of how today's business environment is constantly changing. Navigating it can be difficult and having as much knowledge as possible prior to making any big decision can save your brand money and help to avoid costly mistakes or delays. It is not uncommon for brands to have an abundance of strength in one area and lack the expertise and knowledge in others. Let GBA fill that knowledge and/or expertise gap and help your brand position itself for continued growth.

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The right knowledge and advice is important but the right knowledge and advice at the right time can mean the difference between failure and success. Don’t let a little money today keep you from future success.